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Mixed Reality has given a new perception to the virtual experience. It combines the real environment with digital objects and enables real-time interaction. Mixed Reality changes the world perception as it completely replaces the real environment with the computer-generated environment. Its devices allow people to shut out of the real world and submerge themselves into the new environment. Some of the most prominent mixed reality devices include Microsoft HoloLens, Epson, and Cynoptics, devices that are been used in many industries from aviation to hospitals, from engineering to military. Therefore, at Rostrum Global, we are striving to create devices and applications that removes the boundaries between real and CG objects.


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t is safe to say that Mixed Reality is the next big thing. The upcoming years will see the introduction of devices or application based on this technology in many industries including healthcare, retail, education, and entertainment. Relishing this upcoming potential Rostrum Global started working towards the development of apps and devices that connect its users with brands and products through a virtual experience. We bring in use the latest technologies AR & VR technologies to blend the digital and physical worlds seamlessly, this allows us to create such an environment that is practical as well as engaging. Whatever the solution is, we use our creative and technical expertise to transforms a simple idea into a complete working application. An application that absorbs its user and submerges them into a mixed reality environment.


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Mixed Reality application delivered by our experts are so interactive and life-like that it’s impossible to choose between real and virtual reality. Our mission is to assist our customers in expanding their businesses, mixed reality applications developed by Rostrum Global are a perfect blend of artistic and technological excellence. Our team creates realistic and immersive, reality-altering experiences for various industries. Moreover, our solution is cost-effective and helps our customers to keep up with the latest technologies and innovate their business processes.

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