Creating Expert Solutions

Our development expertise is exceptionally versatile as we have a diverse skill set spread out across multiple production tiers. Our team members whether web or mobile developers, designers or project managers, all of them function in close rhythm to create the best possible solution even for the most challenging problems.

iOS Development

Keeping up with the latest tech innovations has always been our forte, and this is something that has always helped for developing iOS applications. We ensure that all products we develop are capable of enabling our clients to enhance and expand their business growth. Mobile applications development has been being a cornerstone for Rostrum Global, and we have gained a wealth of expertise that continues to evolve with new projects across multiple industries.

Android Development

Touted as the most widely used mobile operating system, the Android market is one that continues to expand in huge leaps and bounds with modern consumers of all levels continuously coming up with newer and newer concepts. And that’s where we come to assist since we have experience with a series of industries such as games, entertainment, healthcare, and utility-based applications.

Wearable Development

The Wearable application market is arguably the future of mobile technology, and the growing industry is estimated to be reach a massive $12.6 billion value by the end of 2019. Rostrum Global has worked extensively with Android Wear and the Apple HealthKit, and we have even created a proof of concept using the HoloLens SDK so as to ensure an edge in wearable technology development.

Web Applications

Contemporary web technology empowers consumers to unleash the true potential of brands. These technologies are the basis of many different types of applications such as web applications, web services, client-server applications, and desktop environments as well. Web apps developed by us not only follow the latest technological advancements but also follow the global standards.

Enterprise Solutions

Rostrum Global has worked on custom CRM and ERP that have been crucial to new avenues for businesses around the world. Our solutions help pave enabled firms to automate their business processes including HR and Customer Relations and to this attain higher levels of productivity. We welcome you to take advantage of our decade-long expertise in the modernization of legacy systems, and the creation of groundbreaking client management solutions to ensure a firm foundation for your business.

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