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Rostrum Global is a digital solutions provider company that offers various tech services as well as virtual assistant services for leading brands across the globe. Before offering any solutions we consider your given idea, brainstorm it, examine your business operations and then offer appropriate solutions that allow you to upturn your business ROI.

Rostrum Global has been delivering highly innovative & technological solutions by using a highly technical & sophisticated development process from over a decade. Our journey, which started in 2008, has taken us from the development of dynamic websites and desktop applications to the development of major enterprise solutions including CRM and HRM.

Our History

Since its inception, Rostrum Global has played the role of providing high-quality mobile and software solutions that have redefined user experiences and have oozed style and innovation.

Development of Web and Facebook apps were our genesis.
Moved towards development of smart mobile applications.
Customized software solutions like ERP and POS systems were developed.
Delved in the market of enterprise solutions and created HRM and CRM.
Upsurge in Blockchain Technology compelled us to realize its potential.
Research & Development of AI based applications was our next target.


Our team is made up of reliable individuals who strive to create highly innovative solutions. They constantly keep themselves with the latest evolving technologies by learning and exploring the swiftly evolving field of IT.

Highly experienced system analysts, UI/UX designers, web and mobile developers, and project managers, are all part of our team, all of whom function in close rhythm in order to create an ideal solution for even the most diverse problems. From IOS/Android apps to web apps, from AR/VR solutions to IOT solutions, we have worked in every field and have gained the expertise for even the most diverse software solutions.

And it’s not all work and no play either; creativity and continuous self-improvement are a part of the corporate culture since every member of our organization love what they do, and have fun while doing it.

Team Members

Estes Saville ( The Project Execution Specialist )
With vast experience in mobile and web application development, Estes excels at core project management as well as customer engagement and business development. He is a team player who helps maintain the competitive edge with regards to complete customer satisfaction, from pre-sales through development to delivery and support.
Muhammad Uzair ( The Digital Branding Specialist )
Uzair is the backbone of all strategies that define how our brand thrives in the market. He ensures maximal audience engagement by keeping our online identity fresh per latest trends and client requirements in the contemporary solution-providing industry.
Isiah Rangel ( The Creative Graphics Designer )
Isaiah is an artist by birth, and he has been into creative arts since his pre-school years. He is into all kinds of creative arts such as wood work and painting and brings his natural flair for art to the graphics world with aplomb.
Shahzaib Memon ( The Technical Innovation Officer )
A developer himself, Shahzaib has hands on experience with technologies such as Java and PHP and has even worked extensively with such cross platform languages as React Native and Xamarin. He is one of the best out there when it comes to planning the best structures for the backend as well as front end of high-performing web and mobile applications.


To become the most reliable resource when it comes to delivering expert IT solutions to brands and business. We aim to develop solutions that are innovative, perfect, and based on latest technologies. While doing this, our express purpose is to ensure that we push the limits of technological boundaries and deliver leading-edge solutions to our clients.


We believe that in today’s connected world, businesses need a facilitating resource that offers expedited IT services to make them accessible across different platforms and channels through a clever mix of digital, print, and social media. Our professionals provide you with all the necessary support and technical expertise to support your growth and expansion leading you towards local and international success.

Brand Values

To be true innovators, our brand persona must have the following attributes, and our internal equity must fuel them:


Innovation is in our genes. We, as humans were born to imagine, create and innovate.


Everything we see in this world was once just an idea. So, we think of possibilities, and strive to make them come true.


We remain honest and loyal toward ourselves and our customers at all times. Honesty drives honor, and helps us remain realistic with all that we strive to achieve.


We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We stand by what we promise our customers.


We thrive on teamwork; our total collaborative output is far greater than the sum of the individual efforts in our team.


Every failure opens up new opportunities. No matter what obstacles we face, we always know there’s be a way out.

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